Winter Stillness

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My favourite season is Winter. I love the cold, and even sometimes the snow. When I have been asked what my favourite time of the year is, I always say “Late December around 1600”. There is something about the colour of the sky and the air at that time that I find very comforting and centering.

Whilst attending the “Art of Stillness” residency in Banff in September/October 2016, I started to appreciate more and more what stillness means, and how space is so important to my music. I knew that my next recording would be about Stillness, and especially the stillness in Winter. I started recording the pieces in January 2017 and I am now waiting for final mastering and design of the CD cover.


As I wait for these processes to finish, I am also observing and recording images of Winter stillness.

Please enjoy the music and the images.

Winter Stillness